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This candle is the perfect accessory for your home or office space as it will bring back nostalgic memories of your nana baking your favorite treats in this case, banana bread. We created this scent combination in hopes that it would be tied to happy memories of eating banana treats with friends and family. This scent is warm and creamy, with notes of creamy melted butter. Enjoy! Our hand-poured, perfume-grade Candles were developed with top perfumers to transport you via exclusive scents. Each is clean-burning and made with a soy and coconut wax blend and cotton wick. Essential oils provide benefits of aromatherapy, layered for considered fragrances to match your mood or shift it. Made in the US.

Scent Notes: Banana pudding, buttery waffle cones, vanilla

 Candle details:

Mood: Breakfast in bed, banana pudding

Smells like: Fresh banana, sweet sugar, juicy bubblegum

Candle size: 12 Oz wax fill

Burn time: 60+ hours

Coconut soy wax

Clean burning cotton wicks (lead and zinc free)

Our candles are free of:






 Carbon footprint is always on our mind; By opting for local manufactures and recycling provided materials through shipment we can drastically limit emissions one box at a time.

 We love to see our customers joining by re-using each candle vessel after use. Visit our social media for a demonstration on how to clean out your candle vessel, and tips for removing the label without struggles!

 Every candle is hand crafted in micro batches by two sisters in NYC.


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